Milipol Paris invites you to attend several live demonstrations from the French special forces RAID, GIGN, DOPC/BI and Civil Defence. Dive into the secret and fascinating world of special operations, where the exceptional becomes the norm, courage is a daily virtue, and daring is the key to success.

Special Forces, by their very nature, operate in the shadows, far from prying eyes. However, these demonstrations offer you a unique opportunity to observe at close quarters the extraordinary skills and exploits of these elite men and women, dedicated to protecting national security and preserving the peace.

You'll be able to appreciate the rigour and commitment required to carry out missions that are often vitally important, while maintaining the confidentiality and discretion that characterise them.

At the show, we invite you to explore a field that is rarely accessible to the general public, where operational excellence, discretion and meticulous preparation are the cornerstones of every mission. An immersive exploration, during which you will discover the excellence of the Special Forces.

Free admission, subject to availability.

Arm of a RAID policeman with logo

"RAID" intervention

  • Date: Wednesday 15 November 2023
  • Time: 11am
  • Location : outside between halls 5 and 6

AMBARISK scenario: Attack on a VIP convoy

Scenario inspired by the missions to protect high-ranking personalities under particular threat, as carried out by RAID operators for ambassadors working in crisis-prone countries. Preparatory work including securing the area with precursors, the use of a drone and a dog team. Attack on the convoy with the setting up of the personal security system by the close protection operators.

"GIGN" intervention

  • Date : Wednesday 15 November 2023
  • Time : 2:15pm
  • Location : Jean Thèves theatre, hallway 4

150 people are taken hostage by terrorists inside an amphitheatre. The GIGN is quickly involved in the hostage rescue mission, setting up the crisis centre and mobilising the Group's capabilities and resources to implement an immediate assault plan. The GIGN launches the assault, and the soldiers enter the amphitheatre through the various entrances, making progress and neutralising the terrorists.
To ensure that the terrorists are not carrying explosives or that the auditorium was not booby-trapped, the GIGN deploys its specific capabilities: special resources (indoor drone), traps, dogs (explosive/assault). The doctor and nurse mobilised for the operation will provide first aid to the injured. The hostages will be released at the same time.

Two armed GIGN police officers walk down a corridor, wearing their helmets.
A group of armed police officers from the intervention brigade (BI/DOPC) in black uniforms stand next to a BRI vehicle and break into a bus.

"DOPC/BI" intervention*

  • Date : Thursday, November 16, 2023
  • Time : 10 a.m.
  • Location : catering area at north entrance to hall 5, then hall 5 patio

Interpellation of an activist at height and descent by rope

*Demonstrations subject to change

"Sécurité Civile" intervention

  • Date : Friday 17 November 2023
  • Time : 11am
  • Location : Hall 5 patio

1st phase: the intervention and reconnaissance robot is sent to the package, giving us an initial view.
2nd phase: a deminer in heavy intervention clothing moves over the package to position an X-ray radioscopy device (which will show what the package contains).
3rd phase: the X-ray equipment is removed and a disrupter gun is used to neutralise the package (no shots are fired).

At the end of the exercise, the deminer explains the consequences of the operation by setting up a safety pause after the package has been dismantled. The deminer returns to the scene to make sure that all the components of the package have been dismantled and to rule out any possible danger before handing over to the technical and scientific police.

3 police officers get their picture taken
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