Milipol Paris and S&D Magazine organised the "Jeudi de la Sécurité", the unmissable rendez-vous of the security decision-makers. The event aims to fuel debates on several major topics to define the future of the security sector.

Milipol Paris and S&D Magazine present the "Security Thursday," the must-attend event for security decision-makers.

The event, free for invited participants, aims to foster debates throughout the year on major themes to shape the future of the security sector. Conferences and roundtable discussions will be hosted by Mélanie Bénard-Crozat, Editor-in-Chief of S&D Magazine. They will bring together security experts and around a hundred decision-makers from the private and public sectors (Security/Safety Directors, Economic Intelligence Managers, High Officials from the Ministry of the Interior, CEOs of large industrial groups, etc.) to exchange views on sector challenges. The discussions will be followed by a cocktail reception to facilitate networking.

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Next « Jeudi de la sécurité »

The next edition of Security Thursday will take place on Thursday, May 30, 2024, at Espace Hamelin, 17 Rue de l'Amiral Hamelin, 75116 Paris.

The theme of this edition will be "Europe and Its Borders: How to Address Multifaceted Challenges Globally and Collectively?"

Far from the passionate debates on the migration crisis or the reinstatement of controls at Europe's internal borders, the question of border management poses real (geo)political challenges, as well as scientific, technical, and technological ones. Artificial intelligence, scanners, facial recognition, smart seals... with the constant increase in passenger and goods flows, border control is being reinvented to ensure a more secure and smoother passage for individuals and products. The rise of "intelligent" approaches to border management has led to numerous projects and experiments, both within the Ministry of the Interior and within the European Commission or Frontex. Border management issues are significant at both the national and European levels, and they are also at the heart of many cooperation initiatives, involving both private and public actors, as well as at the bi or multilateral level.

  • What forms do these collaborations take, and what are the results and developments already envisaged?
  • What are the tools that facilitate border management without hindering commercial exchanges and tourism?
  • On what technological foundations do they rely, and what innovations do they bring?
  • How can their responsible and ethical use be ensured, protecting the rights of citizens and respecting them?



  • 18.00: Welcome
  • 18.30 - 18.40: Keynote: A "Border Crisis" in Europe ?
  • 18.45 - 19.10: Cross-Perspectives: Border Security, a Multifaceted Challenge
  • 19.15 - 20.15: Round-Table: Securing Borders, Protecting Citizens
  • 20.15 - 21.30: Networking cocktail
Attendees assisting to a conference

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