Discover the Milipol Innovation Awards 2023 winners, exhibitors rewarded for their innovative solutions related to the security & safety sector in 6 categories.


DUST MOBILE - Booth 5 K 192

Dust Mobile was created with two aims :

  • Protect cellular transmissions from intrinsic mobile networks threats & vulnerabilities
  • Optimize service coverage and resiliency by leveraging all available network connectivity

Dust Mobile is an international mobile operator registreted in France and Belgium (Registre ARCEP 170710 and BIPT 386, Operator code “DUST”).

Crisis management

PHONEXIA - Booth 4 B032

Czech scientists, including Phonexia, are developing a conversational agent designed to activate when emergency call services are too overloaded. The result is a demonstrator of a virtual assistance solution that can be deployed to receive an emergency call if the operators of the emergency lines 112 and 150 emergency lines. The main advantages are the simplicity, universality and scalability of the assistant. scalability of the assistant in question. The conversational agent, which is currently being being developed by a team of 38 members from different institutions, will communicate with its interlocutor as if there really were a human operator at the other end of the line. It It will listen to the caller and, if necessary, ask for any clarifications required by the emergency services. Under no circumstances is the conversational agent intended to replace the operators on the emergency lines. operators; it simply serves to increase their capacity when call centres are overloaded. overloaded. Conversational agents could therefore prove particularly useful during natural disasters, such as floods and tornadoes.

Drone & anti-drone systems, robotics

SKY-HERO - Booth 5 L014

SKY-HERO’s Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robotic System is an advanced technology designed to empower special forces and law enforcement, ultimately saving lives in challenging operational contexts such as terrorist attacks, hostage situations, barricades, and large-area securement. Tailored for deployment in GPS-denied indoor environments and enemy-held territories, this system overcomes the obstacles faced by traditional reconnaissance methods. Comprising three high-end unmanned devices, all operated through a unified controller, it provides a comprehensive solution for indoor tactical reconnaissance. As game-changer for special forces and tactical operators, SKY-HERO’system state-of-the-art capabilities, security measures, and clear objectives make it an invaluable asset in enhancing mission safety and effectiveness in challenging indoor environments.

Individual equipment / first responder protection


Semper Invicta's innovation is a range of cut-resistant clothing (pullovers, vests and neck warmers). This line of clothing is designed for civilians, uniformed personnel and low-profile units. The aim is to provide invisible protection, as light as a standard jumper as light as a standard jumper, which can be used on its own or complemented by other equipment. Semper Invicta created this line because cut-resistant clothing are generally inelegant and poorly made. Our customers include journalists, police officers customs officers, bodyguards, railway security guards and even civilians who and even civilians who want to be protected while remaining discreet. We measure the effectiveness of our products according to the ISO 13997 standard, ranging from A (2 newtons) to F (30 newtons)

Large events Security Management


Shark Spike

Shark Spike is an innovative spike barrier designed for law enforcement. Its primary use is to quickly and effectively disable vehicles by puncturing their tyres at high speed, to ensure a rapid response during pursuits or security operations. This technology is used in a variety of law enforcement scenarios where the rapid and safe immobilisation of vehicles is crucial, such as border control, high-speed pursuits or checkpoints. The Shark Spike is remote-controlled, enabling law enforcement officers to deploy it from a safe distance of up to 300 metres. Its rapid deployment, in just 2.5 seconds, makes it an invaluable tool in emergency situations. The system was developed in collaboration with the French National Customs Service (DNRED), whose expertise and experience have been used to enhance its effectiveness and robustness.


ROSTAING - Booth 5 D148

Shark Spike

Aware of the urgency of climate change and the limits of the planet's resources, the Rostaing group has set up a system to calculate the environmental footprint of its products. Developed by La Belle Empreinte, it is based on 16 criteria, including the equivalent weight of a product's life cycle and the number of litres of water needed to manufacture it. This is the first step in the fight against climate change and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions

Special Mention of the CSR Jury

ULTRAOPS - Booth 5 VD010

Ultraops is an association dedicated to rebuilding the lives of injured Defence personnel through action and rediscovered virtues. Based on an operational order similar to that of an Opex deployment, it provides wounded soldiers with adventure/sporting challenges abroad. More specifically, it involves wounded soldiers in a desert crossing in degraded mode, due to their disability and the extreme climatic conditions. The innovation lies in the reconstruction formula proposed, which is based on the culture of resilience. This vision is also being presented to companies as part of their CSR policy.
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