Milipol stands as a global leader in homeland security, uniting experts, innovators, and stakeholders. As the director of the Milipol Network, Anne FRAYSSINET shares her insights into the challenges and opportunities shaping the industry. In this exclusive interview with Milipol News, she discusses the role of the Milipol shows in presenting the latest security innovations, fostering global collaboration, and what’s ahead for homeland security.

Could you start by telling us what you believe are the key factors behind Milipol’s enduring success and global recognition in the security sector?

Milipol Paris is the event that brings together the entire internal security ecosystem, buyers and solution providers. It’s a meeting place, as companies and exhibitors come to confront market realities and discuss market developments with their peers, as well as with competing companies. The aim is also to anticipate and identify future trends.

The global homeland security market is experiencing significant growth driven by increasing security challenges, such as terrorism, cyber threats, and natural disasters. With the adoption of advanced technologies and the implementation of government initiatives, the market is poised for substantial expansion in the coming years. Technologies are evolving quickly. Information and communication systems are becoming more powerful but also more interconnected and complex. The organisations therefore need state-of-the-art technologies to prevent both system failures and malicious acts. Milipol Paris is a place where the latest innovations which respond effectively to present and future threats, are shown.

We also have opened other Milipol events around the world (Qatar in 1996, Singapore in 2015 and New Delhi in October 2023), enabling companies to strengthen their positions on the world market alongside some of the world’s leading contractors.

The Milipol Network, with its multitude of exhibitors and speakers, conference cycle and workshops, presents global solutions to combat all forms of crime.

The recent Milipol Asia-Pacific was a significant event. What were some of the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s edition?

The big news for this edition was that Milipol Asia-Pacific and HTX’s TechX Summit have joined their forces and came together to showcase how science and technology is central to enhancing public safety and national security in the Asia Pacific.

Milipol Asia-Pacific’s trade exhibition showcased the latest innovations in homeland security, and the TechX Summit hosted prominent Government officials, industry leaders, and academia in a high-level conference.

4 men seated on stage in the conference room at the Milipol Asia Pacific event

What have been the highlights of this year's edition?

Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs and for Law, Mr Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, was the guest-of-honour at the launch, and delivered the opening address. France’s Minister of the Interior, Mr Gérald Darmanin, also attended the event and delivered remarks. Themed “Powering Innovation: A Safe & Secure Future”, the event is Asia Pacific’s flagship homeland security gathering covering both public and private sector security.

Homeland security technology has seen significant growth in areas such as AI in surveillance, airport infrastructure security and cybersecurity. Such specialist sectors are fast becoming more established within regional police forces to counter fast growing problems such as cybercrime.

Milipol Asia-Pacific’s presence expanded by 30% this year, and showcased the latest innovations in homeland security. Spanning 14,500 sqm, the exhibition attracted the participation of 305 exhibitors from some 31 countries.

Participating global companies included AREA S.p.A, ClearTrail Technologies, ESRI, Hikvision Technology, Innovatrix, Idemia, Microsoft, NUIX, Swissdrones, Thales Solution Asia, VMI Security and WEY Singapore Technology, to name just a few.

Milipol Asia-Pacific featured several country pavilions from China, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Singapore and the USA. The HTX Pavilion featured innovations by HTX and from HTX’s key industry partners, such as ST Engineering, CISCO, DXC Technology and Samsung.

“The global homeland security market is experiencing significant growth” said Anne FRAYSSINET, Milipol Network Director

View of Milipol Qatar with visitors and vehicles

Looking ahead to Milipol Qatar, what are some of the key preparations and priorities your team is focusing on?

We are currently working on the international pavilions, the conference programme, the opening ceremony, the gala dinner for sponsors and exhibitors, and invitations for official delegations.

The team is also answering all and any questions our exhibitors have at this stage in order to ensure their preparation for the show is as smooth as possible.

And visitor registration is now open, so they can get their pass online now.

Get your free pass for Milipol Qatar

What are the emerging trends and critical topics in security that you plan to highlight at Milipol Qatar?

Milipol Qatar attracts the biggest global public and industrial security players who use the event to showcase the latest security, safety, detection and prevention equipment, systems, and service innovations. The event meets a large part of the State of Qatar’s growing security needs in line with the country’s National Vision 2030.

The 15th edition of Milipol Qatar will be held from 29 to 31 October 2024, at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre and will build on the success of its last edition, which attracted 222 exhibitors from 22 countries, 11,500 visitors from 84 countries, 389 official delegates, and achieved a declared value of contracts of 592 million QAR. The event seminars gathered over 500 attendees.


As head of Milipol events and the Milipol Network, what is your vision for the future of these events? How do you see them evolving in the next five to ten years?

In an increasingly uncertain environment, protecting people and infrastructures requires constantly renewed resources and solutions. Milipol events enable security professionals from all over the world (from both the public and private sectors) to find the equipment and technologies best suited to their needs. They do so by bringing together solution providers, manufacturers and distributors in one place, and offer several advantages:

  • Support for the security industry with consequent economic impact
  • Strengthening of bilateral cooperation between ministries of interior (meetings with official foreign delegations; presence of French security attachés, discussion and sharing of security concerns and solutions)
  • A unique platform and tool for promoting exports from the security industry sector

I strongly believe that the Milipol Network is and will remain the world’s leading network of events dedicated to safety and homeland security, as well as a veritable breeding ground for innovation.

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