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Focus on CCO Creative Consulting Gmbh

On the occasion of the 22nd edition of Milipol Paris, discover the German pavilion organiser CCO Creative Consulting Gmbh.

1) Can you introduce the German Pavilion?

Creative Consulting GmbH has been organising German Pavilions on defence and security shows for more than 30 years to provide exhibitors with the advantage of a strong national collective on an international market whilst still upholding the individuality of every exhibitor.

The German Pavilion offers anything from a cost-efficient homogenous shell scheme up to the flexibility of a customised individual booth.

To plan and realise a successful exhibition for every company, exhibitors receive intensive support before, during and after the show – tailored to their needs.

2) What is the profile of the companies you will bring with you when exhibiting in Milipol Paris? 

The offer of the German Pavilion is for any German company working in the defence and security sector. SME and larger corporations benefit from the magnetism of a collective pavilion “made in Germany” alike.

3) Will they present innovative/new products/solutions during the show? 

SME are the overwhelming amount of the German defence and security industry. Their innovative minds led to the cutting-edge technology that Germany is known for, whilst the larger companies have their own R&D departments to specifically address the current needs and focus on future trends.

All these companies are already successfully doing business on an international level and aspire to enlarge their market share even further:  

4) How much is France important for their growth plan? 

Not only restricted to the EU, France is one of Germany’s strongest and most important strategic allies. The increase of joint projects in the defence and security segment between the two nations is a trailblazing mindset for the need of clustering national capabilities to tackle the still increasing security threats of our time.      

5) According to you, what are the current trends that provide opportunities for the companies you support? 

The Homeland Security (HLS) segment is still one of the fastest growing markets in the EU and abroad. With the ongoing and expanding threats of foreign and domestic terrorism, law enforcement is in dire need to foresee and counter these threats adequately. The German companies’ portfolio includes amongst others:

  • Cybersecurity and secure communication
  • Energy solutions
  • Tactical equipment, accessories and weaponry
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Protective equipment      

Milipol Paris est organisé sous l’égide du Ministère français de l’Intérieur.

Ministère de l'intérieur