Guy de Felcourt

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Consultant identification numérique et gestion des données, Etudes et Editions - Admissions Technologies.
Portrait Guy de Felcourt, intervenant des conférences Milipol Paris 2017

Guy is an independent consultant in data management and digital identity.

Graduated from the Grenoble school of Management in 1987, he started to work in the retail payment sector. His role was to develop and manage international projects especially in Europe and Latin America.

In 2003, he changed and became manager of a small company in France in the field of marketing services, developing B to B to C business models for the Telecom and Financial sector until 2014.

From that date, he undertook researches in the field of data and digital services, with consequent activities in editorial studies, academic training and consultancy for data management and digital identity.

Guy is a member of several digital organizations including FA - DEF – FNTC and participates in projects for National/European institutions.

Guy is the author of various articles in the field of identity and digital trust, including a book on identity theft and data fraud (CNRS - biblis 2013)


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